Hair Piece and Wig Guide
Richard has been totally involved in product development,

Did you ever hate your hair, even when you had it? Well I did! The reason was simple, I just
couldn't get my hair into the style I wanted. Then when I started to loss my hair that only
compounded my frustrations. So now it's on to the study and applications of hair tonics
treatments  lotions and potions to save and grow my hair back.

I wanted a hairstyle that I could feel proud of and I wasn't going to stop at anything to get it.
Accordingly I have personally  experienced the vast majority of conceivable designs and
attachment method on the market today.  I even had surgical hair transplants in the mid 90's.
11 sessions later only to find out I didn't have enough donor hair to complete my dream hair
style. So it was back to my reliable hairpiece for comfort and happiness.

In my quest for my hair happiness I was fortunate and blessed to be able to help 10's of
thousands of individuals worldwide to also find there hair happiness. I look forward to helping
even more individuals through this site.

Richard's numerous hair replacement designs and material coordinations are still widely use
today by professionals worldwide. Richard has worked on site at the most prestigious high tech
manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia as well as conducting educational seminars
for the professionals in the business for the last 40 years

To date Richard Gizzi has held Executive Vice President Positions and relationships with the
following domestic and international companies:

International Hair Goods, New Man, New Woman brand name hair replacement and wigs.

Aderens , On-Rite Company, New Image Labs, American Hairlines

Volu-Med International. Laupenhiem, Germany

Hi-Mo Asia, Seoul Korea

Apollo International, Apollo Hair Systems, ACR, Stylex brand names hair replacement and wigs

Hair Reconstruction Devices, Philippines HRD brand name hair replacement and wigs.

Through daily conversations with industry leaders, suppliers and educators Richard is committed
to publishing the latest news and information to the community.

Thank you for visiting our site and please help yourself to the information that has been
compiled  for your use and ultimately your best possible hair happiness..

The idea of publishing the hairpiece and wig guide is the brain child of Richard Gizzi
Richard has been totally involved and committed to the development, marketing and education to the hair replacement
industry since the mid 1960's. Richard's level of skills, personal experiences and associates are now being shared with all..

Richard  attending the International Men's Hair Stylist Show
New York City 1966.  Researching hairpieces and wigs was kept
very secretive.  Very much  European influenced human hair, silk
bases, lace fronts, yes lace pieces. What goes around comes
around as lace is now one of the most popular materials used to
make hairpieces and wigs look as natural as they do today.
Joe Pepitone professional baseball player for the
NY Yankees, wearing a mod hairstyle created with
a hairpiece. Hair again is a symbol of youth,
vitality and success.
                    Working with celebrities and sport figures
Comedian Pat Henry, Superstar Tom Jones and
Richard. Keeping up to the fashion & times was a
challenge. The fashion &  times were changing very
fast.  Hair was a priority for looking and feeling
your best.
Professional Football Hall of Famer and TV pitchman  
Terry Bradshaw and Richard early 80's we really did
have something in common besides football.